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Monthly Archives: June 2015

What does “Hindu” mean?

There are many theories on how the word Hindu came about. The word Hindu is a distorted version of the word Sindhu. It is believed that the ancient Persians, who lived on the other side of the river Sindhu, pronounced the letter “S” as “H”. So the word Sindhu became Hindu over time. However this […]

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How old is Sanatan Dharm?

Bhagwan Ganesh

Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) is the oldest religion known to mankind. It predates recorded history. Thus, Sanatan Dharm has no start date. This makes perfect sense as there was no way to measure time as we do now with the calendar system. So Hinduism goes back all the way to very start when creation happened. The […]

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What is Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism, Is there a difference?

The word Hindu is a combination of the first letter “Hi” of Himalayas and the last compound letter “ndu” of the word Bindu. It refers to India as Hindustan, a country between the Himalayan Mountains and Bindu Sarovaer (cape Commorin Sea). Sanatan Dharm is the correct name for Hinduism. Sanatan Dharm means eternal Dharm. So […]

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Who founded Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism)?

There is no founder/messenger/prophet of Sanatan Dharm. It is based on divine revelations experienced by a series of sages, called Rishis, while they were in intense meditation. Under this state they have the ability to see past, present and future and see events that have occurred in other universe (Parallel Universe). For example, the Ramayan […]

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What is Dharm?

Closest word in English to Dharm is religion however the word religion it is very limited. Sanatan Dharm is best translated as eternal Dharm. Dharm can be best described as one’s quest to find the truth that leads them to GOD (Parmatma). Dharm can be different from person to person as Dharm is relative to […]

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What is an Avatar (Incarnation)?

Almost all Hindus believe in this concept of Avatar. Avatar happens when GOD (Bhagwan) himself comes down to earth in human form as male or female. This happens whenever righteousness declines and wickedness is rules, thus threatening the existence of GOD-loving and virtues people. Popular Avatars (incarnation) of GOD like Ram and Krishn destroyed wickedness […]

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What are the links between Hinduism and Science and Mathematics?

Aero space engineering is from Ramayan with the concept of an Air Plane. Ravan had the pushpak veeman that he used during when he captured Mata Sita. The numeric system was derived from Hinduism Vedic mathematics. You will also find many mathematics theorems like Pathagrious Theorem in Hindu Vedic Scriptures. Solar system and its planets […]

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What is the definition of God in Hinduism?

God in Hinduism is one that represents love for all his creatures from humans, animals, insects, etc…. He loves them like a father or mother who cares for their children. There is no such thing as other religions or beliefs as Hinduism considers many paths to one same GOD. Some of the main Deities that […]

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