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Monthly Archives: February 2016

What foods are forbidden in Santan Dharm?

Fish is not food.

There is food of 3 kinds. Satvik which is free from meat and this for any person who is highly devoted to God(Sri Bhagwan). The highest duty of a Hindu is to practice “ahinsa parmo dharm” which means to practice non-violence as the highest duty. The second kind of devotee is rajsik. This is the […]

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What is forbidden in Sanatan Dharm?

Bhagwan Ganesh

One can say nothing is forbidden because everything is under maya. Although being influenced by maya one still to do their dharm duty and this has to be done until you attain moksh. Hinduism is called Sanatan Dharm which means eaternal religion(dharm). This means, one cannot lie, cheat, kill animals for food, kill people, disrespect […]

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