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Monthly Archives: May 2017

What is the duty of a Brahmin?


There are eleven qualities of Brahmin as defined in the Vedas: Ability to forgive Kindness to everyone with equality Pursuit internal/external Holiness Follows Truth Control over maya or moh Avoids sinful activities Seeker of knowledge Educating others knowledge of Vedas Meditation Knowledge of Brahm Bhagwad Gita 18.42 states that Brahmin should work by following these […]

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Is it true that Hinduism has 330 million Gods?


The term KOTI in Sanskrit has 2 meanings. One means “type” and other is Crore. So there are 33 types of Gods in Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm). The names of all 33 type of Vedic deities: 12 Adityas: 1. Indra/Shakra 2. Ansh, 3. Aryaman, 4. Bhaag, 5. Dhatri, 6. Tvashtar, 7. Mitra, 8. Pushan/Ravi, 9. Savitra/Parjanya, […]

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Why didn’t Sri Krishn and Arjun form the Chakravyuh first to capture Dhuryodhan?

Krishn Bhagwan

At the time of war Dhristadhumn was the commander in cheif. There is no mention if he had any knowledge of such form of war. Even if the Chakravyuh was formed then Pitama Bhishm and Drona knew how to break the Chakravyuh formation. So there was no logical reason to make such formation in the […]

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