About us


Welcome to Dharm Yog. We dedicate this site to the vedic Rishis and Gurus who passes the ancient knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of Humanity through Hinduism (Sanatan Dharam). An eternal religion that not only speaks about world peace and unity of humanity but for love and compassion towards all living creatures. In sacred scriptures the Mahoupnishad it states “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means >>> “the entire world as one family”. This is one of the most important verses as it reminds us to focus on our similarities then differences. We are all born in different religions, countries and so on but we all share this same planet, air, .

We also want to thank all our volunteers and visitors and other contributors who have worked hard to share this material online.

Internet is a great platform to reach people. We are going to make every effort to teach and share everything we can find time to put online.