Are all Hindus Vegetarians?

Not all Hindus are Vegetarians. The concept of Ahinsa, non-violence, encourage Hindus to refrain from eating meat. To be vegetarian comes with ones understanding of Hindu Scriptures. It is a matter of common sense and wisdom. It is believed that you are what you eat. Just as you take medication to get better. The food you eat has a impact on your physical and mental state. In other words, the quality of your character is shaped by the type of food you eat. However, many Hindus eat meat but there are more vegetarians among Hindus than in any other religious group. It can be argued that an individual kills millions of germs daily so it is reasonable to kill animals and consume them for food. This theory is entirely wrong. The death of millions of germs and creatures is unavoidable as one goes about one’s daily business. It is necessary to kill insects, rodents and germs that threaten life and health. However, the purpose of Ahinsa is to prevent the intentional killing and suffering of harmless innocent living creatures. It is senseless and cruel to destroy life for hats, coats and entertainment or torture animals in laboratories in order to test cosmetics. Contribution of animals to environment and for the well being of the planet is not paid attention to as they have equal right to live on earth as any other living creature.