Can you prove that there is GOD?

Yes. Let’s think logically. You want proof of the creator of the universe. If that is the case then just think how complex the universe is first and to find out about its creator is a challenge. Second to think the universe exists without a creator is like saying this book had no author and it just came to existence. Now to answer the question correctly, through Hinduism it is a proven fact that Shri Bhagwan (GOD) exists. If one studies the lives of some of the most recent people like Swami VivekAnand, Shri RamKrishn Paramhans, Narsi Mehta, Sai Baba, Jalaram Bapa, Meera Bai all show clearly that Shri Bhagwan exists. They all attained GOD through pure devotion and dedication to serving GOD with all their heart. They clearly show that GOD cannot be studied like a Science project so one truly has to perform Nishkam Seva and devote to Shri Bhagwan (GOD).