Has there been any recent Historic Miracles related to Hinduism?

In 1995, a Brahmin had a dream where Bhagwan Ganesh came in his dream and told him to go to the nearby temple and feed his statue some milk. The Brahmin went to the temple soon as he woke up and fed the statue. Miraculously the milk was drunk by the status. Other temples started to attempt the same thing and amazingly the milk was absorbed. Some fed statues made of metal and marble and both consumed the milk. It happened in home of ordinary people also. Some said it absorbed milk on some of the metal coins of Laxmi, Saraswati and Ganesh. This miracle happened not only in India but in many countries including UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia. For more information you can visit www.milkmiracle.com Media tried to use scientific answers but they could not answer as to why this happened only on those days and why it could not be repeated or how metal statues consumed milk. Media tried to say it was the temples using pumps and trying to mislead people but how did this happened worldwide where all the temples played a hoax for one day? Answers could not be given by Science or media. Science can never explain GOD because GOD is beyond Science.