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Why didn’t Sri Krishn and Arjun form the Chakravyuh first to capture Dhuryodhan?

Krishn Bhagwan

At the time of war Dhristadhumn was the commander in cheif. There is no mention if he had any knowledge of such form of war. Even if the Chakravyuh was formed then Pitama Bhishm and Drona knew how to break the Chakravyuh formation. So there was no logical reason to make such formation in the […]

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What is the root cause of the Mahabharat war? Who in most responsible for this epic battle? 

For this you will get few answers. Some will say women like Draupadhi can be blamed as the cause. Some will blame the king Dhetrashtra. Some will blame even Krishn. I blame God. Yes Sri Bhagwan himself. Hindu scriptures are complex to understand but when they make sense completely then you come to one conclusion […]

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