What is Idol Worship in Hinduism?

Idol worship is in all religions. Hindus do it openly while other religions don’t. Why does the church have a cross or statue of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary? Why does a Muslim has to bow to the Kabbha or face in its direction? Why does a Muslim have verses from Quran framed in the home? All examples of Idol Worship. Images and symbols are required for everything we do. It is part of how we communicate. If one has no image or symbol then the mind cannot be fixed on anything. For Hindus it is very simple, If Shri Bhagwan (GOD) himself walked on this beautiful earth in human form then why should we not worship him in those images? Science cannot live without symbols. How can you have a periodic table without symbols? How can you read without letters? Without Idol worship, it’s like blind leading the blind.