What is Jap or Japam?

Jap or Japam, meaning silent Repetition, is the practice of continuously repeating the God’s name or a Mantra. Hindus who follow the emotional approach to worship God believe that constantly repeating His name or a Mantra, with utmost love and devotion, and without interruption, gives peace of mind, and purifies the soul. A similar practice was also adopted by the Russian Christian orthodoxy who tried to fulfill the biblical injunction to Pray without ceasing. Usually, a devotee would sit in a quiet place with his eyes shut and silently recite his favourite deity’s name or a Mantra for an extended period of time, usually called Jap meditation. The most common recitations are: Hare Ram, Hare Krishn, Om Namah Shivay; Om Ganeshay Namah, etc. Some people use a rosary as an aid to Jap, and turn one bead each time the God’s name is repeated. Some Hindus keep the Lord’s name spinning amidst their daily activities- walking, shopping, working or driving, especially during the early morning hours.

Book: Hindus of Canada

Author: Ajit Adhopia