What is the definition of God in Hinduism?

God in Hinduism is one that represents love for all his creatures from humans, animals, insects, etc…. He loves them like a father or mother who cares for their children. There is no such thing as other religions or beliefs as Hinduism considers many paths to one same GOD. Some of the main Deities that represent complete GOD (Prabhu) in his complete form include Bhagwan Sada Shiv, Bhagwan Ram, Bhagwan Krishn, Bhagwati Mata Shakti. God is the infinite Supreme Reality, the absolute truth, a divine conscience energy from which all energies flow, the sole cause behind everything visible and invisible, the creator of the entire universe. God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient and self-evident. God has no beginning and no end.

God also called the Super Soul(Atma), is the source and origin of the Atma. If the Atma is the energy that runs the body,