Why is the cow considered Holy in Hinduism?

Hindus hold special reverence for the cow as it is symbolically represents our biological mother. Once a person is born they are given milk by their mother but this process stops after few months or years. However the person continues to receive milk and dairy products like ghee, cheese, yogurt, cream, butter and so many nourishing food products from COW for rest of their life. These products gives you strong bones, healthy skin, strengthens rest of your body and provides you good health. In traditional agricultural societies like India, the COW has been a valuable economic resource. It produces bullocks to plough the fields and pull carts. Dried up cow dung is used as domestic fuel and as cement to make mud huts. In rural India, a family’s wealth is measured by the number of cows it possesses. To Hindus, it does not make sense to destroy such a valuable economic resource. For this reason, cow protection is actively promoted and beef eating is condemned. It is perfectly normal to show affection and compassion for a valuable animal like the cow.