What is teerth yatra?

Teerth Yatra is the Pilgrimage for Hindus. The Sanskrit word Teerth means a sacred abode, and Yatra means journey. The entire face of India is dotted with thousands of ancient temples and shrines of historical and religious significance. The most famous of all are the four major religious places, one in each direction: Jagannath Puri in the East (in the State of Orissa), Dwarika in the West (in the State of Gujarat), Badrinath in the North (in the State of Himachal Pradesh), and Rameshwaram in the South (in the State of Tamil Nadu).

In India, instead of going to holiday resorts, the traditional Hindus travel to the above listed places to pray and make offerings. When visiting India, Hindu Canadians also go on pilgrimages with their Canadian born children. Besides being a spiritual journey, there are also educational and social benefits of pilgrimage. Both children and adults learn the history of their traditions. Milling and rubbing shoulders with the people who share the same religious traditions and beliefs, although of diverse geographical or socio-economic background, generates a sense of unity, fraternity and broadens one’s horizons. The tradition of going on a pilgrimage also helps Hindus remain attached to their religion.

Book: Hindus of Canada

Author: Ajit Adhopia